“H2020 FUNDS” International Development, Technical Assistance and Grants, EU, UN, WB | LinkedIn

See on Scoop.it” HORIZON 2020 ” Framework Programme for Research & Innovation

International Development, Technical Assistance & Grants, NGO, Think Tank, NATO, WTO, IMF, World Bank, WB, United Nations, UN, UNDP, USAID, EuropeAID, EBRD, Foreign Aid, Rural-…

Euroscientists‘s insight:

★ This group is part of an umbrella group called ►HORIZON 2020◄ the largest R&D and Innovation group powered by GIS Fusion, where a unique fusion of technology, knowledge & innovation come together for the purpose of generation of new collective knowledge, forming asymmetric skills, creation of new emerging technologies, and also introducing disruptive innovations.

M. Taner Aktas, GISP
Founder & CEO of GIS Fusion
Global Innovation Services (GIS) & Knowledge Fusion

Founder of GIS Fusion, Mr. Taner, is internationally known visionary, innovator, strategist, speaker and consultant, a true leader in Innovation. He provides consultancy services and available for collaboration on R&D & Innovation projects on new & emerging research areas.

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